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Calculator: Long Term Plans
Long term program - program what pays small interest rate daily usually for more then 100 days. Sometimes such programs offers "principal back" feature in the end of investment term.
Plan:% daily fordays
Deposit: $0.00
Total Return: $0.00

Profit: $0.00
[ Profit + Principal: $0.00 ]
Calculator: Short Term Plans
Short term program - program what pays for relatively short period of time, usually investment plans have included interest in daily payments, for 10 till 50 days.
Plan:% afterday(s)
Deposit: $0.00
Total Return: $0.00

Profit: $0.00
Calculator: Hourly Plans
Hourly program - program what have investment plans what pays after one hour, like 103% after one hour where 3% of that is your profit.
Plan:% hour forhours
Deposit: $0.00
Total Return: $0.00

Profit: $0.00
WARNING! Do not invest in sites with plans "after...minutes" and "after 1 hour" and in sites with domains .tk, .ml, .cf, .gq, .ga

Add Listing

You can add a new Hyip if you are its administrator or owner.

Do not submit a referral url in your program domain.

Your program will be added in the list manually after sending us your payment. You will receive the html code for the monitor button or you can find it in the details page by yourself. Then you can copy the button code to place it on your website.

You can not rate your own program. If our system finds these fake votes, your program will be blacklisted. To get more proper votes you can place our button in the most visible place on your site and ask your members for voting.

You agree that it is at our discretion whether to reinvest or not if your program is found to be not paying anymore and/or selectively paying your members.

Your Program Status will be based meticulously on the following criteria and circumstances:

PAYING - we are regularly receiving payments from your program without any problems.

WAITING - program is newly added and no payment made yet; withdrawal is pending because program is offline for maintenance or script update.

PROBLEMS - we have 2 or more pending withdrawals; site is inaccessible for some days; with verified reports of unpaid investor/s even if you are paying us, cases of selective payments.

NOT PAYING - we have not received payment for 2 or more withdrawal requests made within a considerable time span; with verified reports of unpaid investor/s.

If you find that the listing which you have submitted before is not listed on Crypto HYIP Monitor, please do not re-submit it again. Check that you have already made the initial deposit amount and contact us via our feedback form if you have any questions or require any assistance.


Please note that once you have paid for either monitoring or advertising, and your website has been listed in the appropriate category on Crypto HYIP Monitor, then the service is deemed to have been provided. After that point there will be no refunds as the service has been delivered at your own request and at a price you agreed to before making payment.


Please be aware of the following rules that will apply to ALL programs listed on Crypto HYIP Monitor, regardless of what category they are listed under. These rules are designed to protect investors, and therefore help keep the online HYIP industry in a healthier state for both investors and fair minded admins of quality programs alike.

- Any program requiring members to supply them with passport scans, identity documents, utility bills, bank statements, or any form of personal information that can be used for identity theft will be moved to Scam Status.

- Any program asking its members to create an API in their payment processor accounts will also be moved direct to Scam Status on Crypto HYIP Monitor.

- Any program refusing to pay investors to the same account from which they joined will be moved to Scam Status. That means if a member joins using Bitcoin then telling them they can only get paid by bank wire or check is unacceptable. Paying to another online payment processors will be allowed, but only with the explicit consent of the investor affected.
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